Sean Patrick Folster
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Sean Patrick Folster


The Carson-Kolker Organization
Barry Kolker
Jenevieve Brewer
Law And Order: SVU, ep. 1223 Guest Star NBC/Wolf Films
Law & Order: SVU, ep. 1617 Principal NBC/Wolf Films
Alien Dawn Guest Star (Recurring) Nickelodeon/Crook Brothers
Eye Candy Principal MTV
Redrum Principal Discovery I.D./Tony Glazer
Celebrity Ghost Stories Guest Star Bio Channel
Scorned Guest Star Discovery I.D./Remy Weber
Cafe' Du Art Featured Nostalgia Productions
Under Jakob's Ladder Co-Star Cube City Entertainment
Stray Co-Star Nina Eskridge (dir.)
The Specifics Co-Star Sal Sutera
Swimming To France Supporting Nick Tomnay
Carter Supporting Christopher Bradley
Ponies Featured GreenBox Entertainment
Severed Ears Lead Annie Medlin
Deception Lead Amos Poe/D. Knight Weller
Fight The Panda Syndicate Featured Jason Dale
The Weight Of Her Life Co-Star Annie Medlin
Guys & Dolls Lt. Brannigan John Rando
Bar Codes (Staged Reading) Mr. Ice/Lead Jim Rado
The Lively Lad Gideon/Lead N.Y. Theater Workshop
Lovers And Other Strangers Ritchie/Featured Theater Studios, Inc.
The Coffee Shop The Count/Featured Belmont Ital/Am. Playhouse
Crossing The Shinnecock Charles/Featured East End Naked Stage
Rosen By Any Other Name Manny/Featured Jewish Ensemble Theater
City Canyons Virgil/Lead T. Lloyd/Producers Club
Freedom Train Overseer/Featured TheaterWorks USA
Purlie Charlie/Featured Willoway Repertory Theater
Strawberry Jello Throy Center Stage
You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown Snoopy Willoway Repertory Theater

Acting: Wynn Handman, Larry Moss, Bill Esper, Eric Morris, Sam Schacht

Voice/Shakespeare: Patsy Rodenburg

On-Camera: Tim Phillips

Commercials: Angela Mickey

Musical Theater: Karen Gustavson, Interlochen Fine Arts Camp

Improv/Technique: The Craft Gym


Special Skills

Fourth-Degree Black Belt Martial Arts Instructor (Okinawan Karate, Ju-Jitsu, American Freestyle Karate, Kickboxing, Jeet Kune Do, Weapons), Guitar, Basketball, Baseball, Bowling, Ice Skating, Tennis, Disco Dancing, Operates Motor Vehicle, Accents (British, Irish, Russian, German, American South, New Jersey/New York Regional, Midwest, Canadian, Cockney).