Sean Patrick Folster, born Patrick Michael McConnaughey in Royal Oak, Michigan, began in the theatre at the ripe old age of four, pulling children by their hair across the stage who kept forgetting their blocking in the McKinnley Pre-School hit production of "Chicken Little". After years of being a soloist in vocal recitals, he began his theatrical pursuits in earnest at 13, attending his first summer program at the Willoway Repertory Theater in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, the same theater that spawned George C. Scott, Lily Tomlin and countless others. He made his debut in their wildly successful production of "West Side Story" , and fell in love with The Life. Shortly thereafter, he ran off to Borders Books and bought every book he could find about the craft of acting, and spent years and money he didn't always have working with some of the finest teaching artists in the world. He is honored to be a part of a profession that is over 2,600 years old, and is very proud to be an actor. In addition to pursuing a full-time acting career, Sean is also the head instructor of The Folster Studio, a resource for actors offering classes and workshops in the the various principles and techniques that he has acquired through his lifetime. When he is not pursuing his career and craft that he loves so madly, he lives a more or less quiet life in the Bronx.